There’s only a system [of legal representation] for the well off, and for the very, very poor. Legal Aid helps the poorest people, but your average middle or working-class family would have to go into debt to pay the $300 hourly fee typically charged by many lawyers.
— Luz Herrera, Founder


Based in the City of Compton, Community Lawyers, Inc.’s mission is to increase access to legal services in underserved communities. The organization, founded in 2005, realizes the challenges that individuals face in finding quality, ethical and affordable attorneys. CLI provides access to critical legal resources primarily to the communities of Compton, South Los Angeles, and Southeast Los Angeles County. In January 2009, CLI launched the Community Lawyers Access Center (CLAC). As of June 2016, CLAC has provided legal information and services to more than 7,914 individuals and conducted more than 1,355 legal clinics, workshops, and information sessions. CLAC operates primarily with the support of volunteer attorneys, students, and paralegals, who work to educate individuals about their legal rights and responsibilities.


Veronica Garcia, Legal Services Specialist

Haydee Perez, Legal Services Specialist

Belen Bernal, Operations Management Support Consultant


B O A R D   O F   D I R E C T O R S

Rosa Hirji, Board Chair

Karen Suri, Treasurer

Lance Filer, Board Member

Walter Quinteros, Board Member

Salvador Sanchez, Board Member

Gloria Perez-Stewart, Board Member


B O A R D   O F   A D V I S O R S

Luz Herrera, Founder

Richard Chacon

Maria Hall

Alma Márquez

Eva Plaza

William Tanner

John Wittig